Quickened From Death

Ephesians 2:1

"You did He quicken when ye were dead through your trespasses and sins" (Eph 2:1, R. V. ).

Living or dead, which? There is no middle state here. A man is either quickened or he is not. These two states include all.

I. Their Past Condition. "Ye were dead." Only those alive from the dead can realise that they were dead. It was-

1. A State of Separation. Every dead one has been cut off from the cause and power of life. Death separates a man from the bread and air so necessary for the living. Spiritual death means severance from the sustaining presence of God. No fitness to enjoy heavenly things.

2. A State of Insensibility. The dead are neither charmed nor alarmed by anything said or done in their presence. They have neither tears nor fears concerning their sins or future state. Neither law nor Gospel moves them.

3. A State of Helplessness. We never expect anything from the dead. Those dead in sins are without Christ, and so can do nothing-nothing by way of imparting divine life into their hearts. "While we were without strength, Christ died for us."

4. A State of Absolute Incapacity. The dead have nothing in common with the living. They are repulsive, and altogether unfit for fellowship. While we were in our sins we were out of communion with God. Sin always has a killing effect. Death by sin!

II. Their Present Enjoyment. "You hath He quickened." Life is the only remedy for death. Man may come with his forms and garnishings, but they are worse than useless. God's method of saving from sins is quickening. This implies-

1. Impartation. It is the imparting of a new life by the direct energy of the Almighty Spirit of God. "You hath He quickened." Born from above. "The gift of God is eternal life" (Rom 6:23).

2. Separation. When Lazarus got life he soon got out of the place of the dead. No one with Christ's healing touch on them will dwell among the tombs. When the light of life dawns we arise from the dead and come out from among them. Death separates from God; life separates from the things of death.

3. Restoration. A quickened one is not only restored to life, but to all the joys and responsibilities of the higher state-restored to God, to the fellowship of Christ, and the communion of the Holy Ghost.

4. Consecration. This new life is to be all for God. "Alive unto God." Quickened together with Christ, that we might show the exceeding riches of His grace. Ye are not your own. Your old life was a dead one, "alienated from the life of God." This new life is from God, that ye might glorify Him. "My life I give Thee."

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