The Gospel Of Christ

Romans 1:16

This was Paul's bold and fearless testimony. The Gospel Christ preached to him on the way to Damascus revolutionised his whole life. Now he was neither ashamed of Him nor His words (Mar 8:38). Those who are ashamed of the Gospel are utter strangers to its power.

I. What Paul was not Ashamed of. "The Gospel of Christ." There are some gospels that are not of Christ. "By their fruits ye shall know them" (Mat 7:16). The gospels of carnal reasoning and mere human effort can only lead to shame and confusion. The Gospel of Christ is the God-spell-binding news of-

1. Divine Compassion. The manifestation of infinite love toward guilty and perishing men-a love stronger than death.

2. Almighty Redemption. The Redemption that is in Christ Jesus possesses infinite power, to satisfy all the holy demands of God's righteous character, and so to cover and cleanse every stain and sin of all who believe.

3. Glorious Resurrection. Not only salvation from sin comes to us through Christ, but the sure hope of a glorified body-a body like unto His own-incorruptible.

4. Eternal Satisfaction. "I shall be satisfied when I awake in His likeness" (Psa 17:15). The deeper yearnings of the inmost heart shall be fully met when we are made fit for His everlasting fellowship in the presence of the Father's glory. What a glorious Gospel this is I

II. Why he was not Ashamed of it.

1. Because it is the Power of God. Oh, what a power seems pent up in the Gospel of Christ! There is in it the dynamic force of Almighty love, mercy, and righteousness-a love that melts the heart of stone; mercy in ocean fulness to cover every sin; righteousness, as pure as light, into which the trusting soul is brought; a threefold cord that is not easily broken.

2. Because it is the Power of God unto Salvation. The Gospel of Christ means the great strength of God concentrated and directed toward the saving of men. It takes the same power to save a soul as to create a world. Vain is the help of man. This salvation is twofold: The soul is saved from sin and wrath by being reconciled to God; the life is saved from fruitlessness and failure by being yielded up to Him. When a branch has been engrafted into a better stock, it is not only saved from its old life, but possessed and filled and used by the new life. It is a full salvation.

3. Because it is the Power of God unto Salvation to Every One that Believeth. Why is this salvation for believers? Because it is for the heart. "With the heart man believeth" (Rom 10:10). Sin has smitten man with heart disease; God, in mercy, has provided a heart cure. If the remedy is to touch the disease it must be received in the heart. A Chinese convert said, "I came first with my eyes, then with my ears, then with my heart." The provision is co-extensive with the need. "To every one" that believeth. "Ho, every one that thirsteth, come ye to the waters" (Isa 55:1).

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