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Scripture Reference Index Library
Study a specific scripture passage or verse by searching the APIBS website by scripture verse reference. The APIBS Scripture Reference Index Library is hyperlinked to over 3,000 sermon notes and outlines and 2,300 devotionals, bible study notes and commentaries. Select the OT or NT book of the bible and then select the appropriate chapter. Each verse is hyperlinked to sermon outlines, audio messages, bible study notes, commentaries and devotionals.
Old Testament      
The Pentateuch The Historical Books The Poetic Books Major Prophets Minor Prophets
Genesis Joshua Job Isaiah Hosea
Exodus Judges Psalms Jeremiah Joel
Leviticus Ruth Proverbs Lamentations Amos
Numbers 1 Samuel Ecclesiastes Ezekiel Obadiah
Deuteronomy 2 Samuel Song Of Solomon Daniel Jonah
  1 Kings     Micah
  2 Kings     Nahum
  1 Chronicles     Habakkuk
  2 Chronicles     Zephaniah
  Ezra     Haggai
  Nehemiah     Zechariah
  Esther     Malachi

New Testament      
The Gospels Acts of the Apostles The Epistles The Epistles (con't) Revelation
Matthew Acts Romans 1 Timothy Revelation
Mark   1 Corinthians 2 Timothy  
Luke   2 Corinthians Titus  
John   Galatians Philemon  
    Ephesians Hebrews  
    Philippians James  
    Colossians 1 Peter  
    1 Thessalonians 2 Peter  
    2 Thessalonians 1, 2 & 3 John  

"No Scripture," said Spurgeon, "is exhausted by a single explanation. The flowers of God's garden bloom not only double, but sevenfold; they are continually pouring forth fresh fragrance."

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