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Old Testament - Genesis (31)
Creation Genesis 1
The Creator's Sabbath Genesis 2
The Garden Of Eden Genesis 2:8-19
The First Marriage Genesis 2:18, Genesis 2:21-25
The Fall Of Man Genesis 3
Cain And Abel Genesis 4:1-16
Noah Saved From Wrath Genesis 6:7
The Altar And The Bow Genesis 8:20-21; Genesis 9:12-16
The Tower Of Babel Genesis 11:1-9
The Call Of Abraham Genesis 12:1-4
Abraham In Canaan Genesis 12:4-9
Abraham In Egypt Genesis 20:10-18; Genesis 13:1-4
Abraham The Separated One Genesis 13:5-18
Abraham The Man Of Faith Genesis 14:18-24
Abraham Encouraged Genesis 15:1-6
Abraham Walking Before God Genesis 17:1-5
Abraham Receiving And Serving Genesis 18:1-17
The History Of Lot Genesis 19
A Solemn Reflection Genesis 19:27-28
Hagar The Helpless Genesis 21:14-19
The Sacrifice Of Abraham Genesis 22:1-14
The Bridal Search Genesis 24
Rehoboth Victory Through Yielding Genesis 26:17-28
Jacob's Vision Genesis 28:10-22
The Mysterious Wrestler Genesis 32:24-31
The Call To Bethel Genesis 35:1-7
Joseph The Patient Sufferer Genesis 37
Joseph The Exalted Heart Searcher Genesis 42 - 44
Joseph The Revealed Kinsman Genesis 45
Joseph The Ruling Prince Genesis 47
Types Of Christians Genesis 49

| Genesis (31) | Exodus (32) | Leviticus (20) | Numbers (30) | Deuteronomy (21) |
| Joshua (18) | Judges (13) | 1 Samuel (19) | New Testament (440) |
| OT=(184) NT=(440)

Exodus (32)
Life In Egypt Exodus 1 & 2
Moses' Birth And Failure Exodus 2:1-15
The Call Of Moses Exodus 3:1-10
The Excuses Of Moses Exodus 3:11-14; Exodus 4:1-16
The Surrender Of Moses Exodus 4:16-31
Tempted And Tried Exodus 5
Pharaoh A Type Of The Devil Exodus 5 to 10
The Gospel Of Moses Exodus 6:1-8
Warned Of Coming Judgment Exodus 9:17-26
The Sheltering Blood Exodus 12:1-33
Led By The Lord Exodus 13:14; Exodus 13:16-22
The New Way Exodus 14
The Song Of Moses Exodus 15:1-2
The Healing Tree Exodus 15:22-25
Manna The Gift Of God Exodus 16
Bread From Heaven Exodus 16
The Smitten Rock Exodus 17:1-7
The Holy War Exodus 17:8-16
The Work Of God Exodus 19:4-8
The Giving Of The Law Exodus 19 to 20
The Bondage Of Love Exodus 21:1-6
The Angel Saviour Exodus 23:20-25
Behold The Blood Of The Covenant Exodus 24:1-8
The Ark Of The Covenant Exodus 25:9-22
The Various Positions Of The Ark Exodus 25:9-22
The Power Of The Presence Of The Ark Exodus 25:9-22
The Atonement Money Exodus 30:11-16
The Anointing Oil Exodus 30:22-33
The Promise Of His Presence Exodus 33:12-16
The Prayer Of Moses Exodus 33:12-23
The Transfigured Face Exodus 34:29-35
Consecration And Its Results Exodus 40:33-38

Leviticus (20)
The Burnt Offering Leviticus 1:1-9
The Meat Offering Leviticus 2:1-16
The Peace Offering Leviticus 3
The Sin Offering Leviticus 4:1-12
The Trespass Offering Leviticus 5; Leviticus 6:1-7
Aaron And His Sons Leviticus 8
The Glory Of The Lord Leviticus 9
Nadab And Abihu Leviticus 10:1-5
Ye Shall Be Holy Leviticus 11
The Cleansing Of The Leper Leviticus 13; Leviticus 14:1
They Day Of Atonement Leviticus 16
Holy Living Leviticus 19
Characteristics Of A Son Of Aaron Leviticus 21
Holy Things For Holy Ones Leviticus 22:1-16
The Freewill Offering Leviticus 22:17-25
Seven Links In The Chain Of Grace Leviticus 22:31-33
The Memorial Feasts Leviticus 23
The Year Of Jubilee Leviticus 25
The Path Of Obedience Leviticus 26:1-13
The Path Of Disobedience Leviticus 26:14-45

Numbers (30)
The Levites As A Peculiar People Numbers 1:47-54
The Standards Of Israel Numbers Chapter 2
Three Classes Of Workers Numbers Chapter 4
Nazariteship A Consecrated Life Numbers 6:1-12
The Priestly Blessing Numbers 6:22-27
The Call Of The Levites Numbers 8:1-14
Thirty Days Of Grace Numbers 9:6-14
The Holy Cloud Numbers 9:15-23
The Silver Trumpets Numbers 10:1-10
A Pilgrim's Invitation Numbers 10:29-32
The Ark Of The Covenant Numbers 10:33-36
The Graves Of Lust Numbers Chapter 11
Spirit Possessed Men Numbers 11:24-30
Jealousy Among The Lord's Servants Numbers Chapter 12
The Folly Of Unbelief Numbers Chapter 13 & 14
The Triumphs Of Faith Numbers Chapter 13 & 14
The Sin of Presumption Numbers 14:39-45
The Destruction Of Korah And His Company Numbers Chapter 16
The Rod That Budded Numbers Chapter 17
Aaron As A Representative Of Christ Numbers Chapter 18
The Red Heifer Numbers Chapter 19
The Sin Of Moses And Its Fruits Numbers 20:1-13
The Death Of Aaron Prefiguring The Death Of Christ Numbers 20:23-29
The Brazen Serpent Numbers 21:1-9
The Privileges Of God's People Numbers 23:18-24
Seeing But Not Possessing Numbers 27:12-17
Characteristics Of A Heaven Sent Leader Numbers 27:18-23
A Call For United Effort Numbers 32:1-33
How To Inherit God's Land Of Promise Numbers 33:50-56
The Cities Of Refuge Numbers Chapter 35

Deuteronomy (21)
Forward - Deuteronomy 2:1-7
A Solemn Charge - Deuteronomy 4:1-9
Backsliding Its Cause And Cure - Deuteronomy 4:23-31
Deliverance And Testimony - Deuteronomy 6:21-25
Commandments For Canaan - Deuteronomy Chapter 6
Privileges And Responsibilities - Deuteronomy Chapter 7
The Divine Purpose In Trials - Deuteronomy 8:2-6
Wilderness Experience - Deuteronomy Chapters 8
The Land Of Promise - Deuteronomy Chapters 9 to 11
The Lord's Requirements - Deuteronomy 10:12-22
The Blessed Possession - Deuteronomy 11:10-17
The Secret Of Victory - Deuteronomy 11:22-25
The Place Which The Lord Shall Choose - Deuteronomy 16:7, 15-16
Characteristics Of A God Raised Prophet Deuteronomy 18:15-22
Life And Death Deuteronomy 30:15-20
The Song Of The Rock Deuteronomy 32
The Blessed People Deuteronomy 33
The Death Of Moses Deuteronomy 34

Joshua (18)
Conditions Of Success Joshua 1:1-9
Rahab Joshua 2:8-24
Crossing The Jordan Joshua Chapter 3
The Memorials Joshua Chapter 4
What Mean These Stones Joshua 4:21-24
Gilgal - Joshua 5:1-12
Stopping To Conquer Joshua 5:13-15
The Fall Of Jericho Joshua Chapter 6
The Failure At Ai Joshua Chapter 7
The Altar At Mount Ebal Joshua 8:30-35
The Anxious Gibonites Joshua Chapter 9
Caleb - Joshua 14:6-15
Othniel's Prize Joshua 15:16-19
The Cities Of Refuge Joshua Chapter 20
How To Possess And Keep Possession Joshua 23:1-13
Blessings Reviewed - Joshua 24:1-13
Consecration And Service - Joshua 24:14-28
The Death Of Joshua - Joshua 24:29-31

Judges (13)
Why Have Ye Done This Judges 2:1-5
The Song Of Deborah Judges 5
Gideon's Call Judges 6:11-24
Gideon At Work Judges 6:25-40
Gideon's Followers Tested Judges 7:1-8
Gideon's Encouragement Judges 7:9-15
Gideon's Victory Judges 7:16-25
Gaal Or Godless Effort Judges 9:26-49
Called To Serve Judges Chapter 11
Samson's Birth Judges 13:1-25
Samson's Life And Death Judges 14
The Young Probationer Judges 17 - 18
Counsel For Backsliders Lamentations 3:40

Ruth (06)
The Story Of Ruth Chapter 1
Ruth Chapter 1 Outline
Ruth The Humble Seeker - Ruth Chapter 2
Ruth Chapter 2:1-12 Outline
Ruth The Successul Gleaner
Ruth Chapter 2:13-23 Outline
Ruth The Restful Believer - Ruth Chapter 3
Ruth Chapter 3 Outline
Ruth Redeemed And Claimed - Ruth Chapter 4

1 Samuel (19)
The Triumph Of A Sorrowful Spirit - 1 Samuel 2
The Call Of Samuel - 1 Samuel 3
The Loss Of The Ark Of God 1 Samuel 4:1-11
The Ark Of God 1 Samuel 5:6
Ebenezer 1 Samuel Chapter 7
Saul The Choice Young Man 1 Samuel Chapter 9
Saul The Anointed 1 Samuel Chapter 10
Saul The Courageous 1 Samuel Chapter 11
Saul The Disobedient 1 Samuel 13:1-14
Saul The Castaway 1 Samuel Chapter 15
Saul The Enemy 1 Samuel 18:29
Saul The Suicide 1 Samuel Chapters 28, 31
David's Call 1 Samuel 16:1-13
David's Victory 1 Samuel Chapter 17
David And Jonathan 1 Samuel 18:1-4; 2 Samuel 1:26
David In Adullam 1 Samuel 22:1-2; 1 Samuel 22,23
David And Abigail 1 Samuel Chapter 25
David Among The Philistines 1 Samuel Chapters 27 - 29
David Recovering All 1 Samuel Chapters 30

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This 12 volume work contains thousands of expository outlines, Bible readings, sermon seed thoughts, sermon illustrations, and devotional studies. Although originally written for preachers and teachers, Christians from all walks of Evangelical Christianity will benefit from this material.

James Smith wrote the first 10 volumes and after he died, Robert Lee completed the last two volumes. The printed edition contains nearly 4,000 pages and was printed in the 1940s. The text is easy to read.

Preface (Paraphrase)

These Handfuls are made with prayerful study of the Word to help busy workers for the Master who may not have much leisure for study.

In these days when there is so much to tempt us away from the simplicity of the Truth, we should be well fortified with the deep and powerful thoughts of God. Other facts and things may interest and amuse, but we must have the "sincere milk of the Word" if we are to grow. We are convinced that the way to stir up and deepen the desires of others after Christ and the Scriptures is to present those God-given truths which meet the needs of an individual soul in all its various states and conditions. No book in all the world comes within a thousand miles of the Bible in this great and glorious mission, "Preach the Word."

That there should be a growing demand from an ever-widening circle of interested workers for such plain spiritual teaching is hopeful and gratifying. "Points" and "Outlines" are but for the aid of the memory, and should be reckoned only of secondary importance.

In preparing these notes we have earnestly endeavoured to get into the heart-thoughts of the Word, so that weary workers might find food for the strengthening of their tired and hungry hearts.

We count it a great privilege and honour to be in this way a co-worker with any toiler in the Master's vineyard. If we can but help to sharpen another worker's weapons for the fight, or carry a cup of cold water to those who are bearing the burden and heat of the day, we will rejoice, and do rejoice.


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