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The Penitential Psalm (09)
A Threehold View Of Sin - Psalm 51:1-5
A Triple Blessing - Psalm 51:1
The Justification Of God - Psalm 51:4
The Holy Spirit - Psalm 51:10-12
White, Then Whiter Than Snow - Isaiah 1:18; Psalm 51:7
A Threefold Joy - Psalm 51:8
The Problem In The Penetential Psalm - Psalm 51:16-19
Soul-Winning - Psalm 51:13
Boasting - 1 Corinthians 1:29-31

The Golden Passional of the Old Testament (09)
The Golden Passional of the Old Testament Isaiah Chapter 53
The Servant And His Service Isaiah 52:13
The Servant's Prudence Isaiah 52:13
Christ The Startling One Isaiah 52:15
Reasons For Rejecting Him Isaiah 53:1-3
The Burdened Servant Isaiah 53:4-6
Declaring His Generation Isaiah 53:7-9
A Cluster Of Spiritual Paradoxes Isaiah 53:10-12
Righteousness Isaiah Chapter 53
br> Gospel Studies (00)
With Jesus At Bethlehem
With Jesus At The River Jordan

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This 12 volume work contains thousands of expository outlines, Bible readings, sermon seed thoughts, sermon illustrations, and devotional studies. Although originally written for preachers and teachers, Christians from all walks of Evangelical Christianity will benefit from this material.

James Smith wrote the first 10 volumes and after he died, Robert Lee completed the last two volumes. The printed edition contains nearly 4,000 pages and was printed in the 1940s. The text is easy to read.

Preface (Paraphrase)

These Handfuls are made with prayerful study of the Word to help busy workers for the Master who may not have much leisure for study.

In these days when there is so much to tempt us away from the simplicity of the Truth, we should be well fortified with the deep and powerful thoughts of God. Other facts and things may interest and amuse, but we must have the "sincere milk of the Word" if we are to grow. We are convinced that the way to stir up and deepen the desires of others after Christ and the Scriptures is to present those God-given truths which meet the needs of an individual soul in all its various states and conditions. No book in all the world comes within a thousand miles of the Bible in this great and glorious mission, "Preach the Word."

That there should be a growing demand from an ever-widening circle of interested workers for such plain spiritual teaching is hopeful and gratifying. "Points" and "Outlines" are but for the aid of the memory, and should be reckoned only of secondary importance.

In preparing these notes we have earnestly endeavoured to get into the heart-thoughts of the Word, so that weary workers might find food for the strengthening of their tired and hungry hearts.

We count it a great privilege and honour to be in this way a co-worker with any toiler in the Master's vineyard. If we can but help to sharpen another worker's weapons for the fight, or carry a cup of cold water to those who are bearing the burden and heat of the day, we will rejoice, and do rejoice.


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