By Faith We Keep The Passover (3)

1 Corinthians 5:7

"... ye are unleavened..."

We thank God that we usually partake of the Lord's Supper once a month. However, God commands us to keep on keeping the Passover feast in a spiritual sense by our faith in God, in His Word and in the blood-shedding sacrifice of our Lord Jesus (1 Cor 5:8). Thank God that only by Jesus' blood can we be saved, accepted and delivered from the power of sin and Satan. Next, we are to be unleavened to partake of the Lord's Supper as well as to keep the Passover feast in our lives. We are commanded to "purge out therefore the old leaven" (1 Cor 5:7) and "the leaven of malice and wickedness" (1 Cor 5:8). The "old leaven" is the product of our old life before we came to know our Lord Jesus Christ. It is our sinful nature, sinful lusts, selfishness, self-will, self-boasting, self-indulgence, etc. What about "the leaven of malice and wickedness"? The former denotes whatever is evil in character, morally or ethically "evil," whether of persons or emotions, passions, etc. while the latter indicates what is evil in influence and effect, causing labour, pain, sorrow, malignancy (Vine's).

The Lord Jesus warned His disciples to take heed and beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and Sadducees (Matt 16:6-12), and of Herod (Mark 8:15). Then what does it mean to us? "The leaven of the Pharisees is hypocrisy" (Luke 12:1). If I am only good and godly outwardly, I am affected by this leaven of hypocrisy. The leaven of the Sadducees is unbelief (Acts 23:8). If I still doubt God and His perfectly inspired and preserved Word, I am contaminated by this leaven of unbelief! The leaven of Herod is worldly, compromise and party politics (Mark 3:6; 12:13). If my goal is to gain worldly power and influence for selfish interests regardless of God's Word and truth and justice, I am leavened with this worldly leaven! We are also instructed to keep ourselves from the leaven of false teaching, or unbiblical doctrines (Gal 1:6; 5:9). What about you?

THOUGHT: To keep the feast, I must be unleavened.

PRAYER: Lord, purge me and keep me unleavened for the feast.

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