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Spurgeon's Sermon Notes
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Volume 1 - Genesis To Proverbs
Hastening Lot Genesis 19:15
Power With God Genesis 32:28
He Blessed Him There Genesis 32:29
I Have Enough Genesis 33:9,11
Gently, Gently Genesis 33:13
Joseph Opening the Storehouses Genesis 41:56
Judah Genesis 49:8
Too Little For The Lamb Exodus 12:3-4
Unseasonable Prayer Exodus 14:15
Who Is On The Lord's Side Exodus 32:26
Laying The Hand On The Sacrifice Leviticus 4:29
Against Murmuring Numbers 11:1
Man's Extremity, God's Opportunity Deuteronomy 32:36
Moral Inability Joshua 24:19
The Faithful Olive Tree Judges 9:9
Ruth Deciding For God Ruth 1:16
The Battle Is The Lord's 1 Samuel 17:47
Love Plighting Troth 1 Samuel 18:3, 20:17
David's Spoil 1 Samuel 30:20
Prayer Found In The Heart 2 Samuel 7:27
Clinging To The Altar 1 Kings 2:28-30
Consulting With Jesus 1 Kings 10:1
Heart-Communing 1 Kings 10:2
Elijah Fainting 1 Kings 19:4
A Frivolous Exercise 1 Kings 20:40
Where Is The God Of Elijah? 2 Kings 2:14
Eyes Opened 2 Kings 6:17
Half-Breeds 2 Kings 17:25, 33-34
The Lesson Of Uzza 1 Chronicles 13:8, 12, 15:25
A King Sent In Love 2 Chronicles 2:11
Rehoboam The Unready 2 Chronicles 12:14
Help Asked And Praise Rendered 2 Chronicles 20:4
Ruins 2 Chronicles 28:23
Those Who Desire Nehemiah 1:11
The Joy Of The Lord Nehemiah 8:10
Satan Among The Saints Job 1:6
The Sorrowful Man's Question Job 3:23
The Sinner's Surrender To His Preserver Job 7:20
Out of Nothing Comes Nothing Job 14:4
Job's Sure Knowledge Job 19:25
Rebelling Against The Light JOb 24:13
The Hypocrite Discovered Job 27:10
Conceit Rebuked Job 34:33
Pride Catechized Job 34:33
Rain And Grace: A Comparison Job 38:25-27
Good Cheer For The Needy Psalm 9:18
Revelation And Conversion Psalm 19:7
Salus Jehovae Psalm 37:39
Sparrows And Swallows Psalm 84:3
Angelic Protection In Appointed Ways Psalm 91:11
Living Praise Psalm 115:17-18
What Is Your Comfort Psalm 119:50
Open Praise And Public Confession Psalm 138:1-3
Flight To God Psalm 143:9
The Thorn Hedge Proverbs 15:19
Things Are Not What They Seem Proverbs 16:2
Pondering Hearts Proverbs 21:2
To Heavenly Merchantmen Proverbs 23:23
Wisdom's Request to Her Son Proverbs 23:26
God's Glory In Hiding Sin Proverbs 25:2
Good News Proverbs 25:25
The Best Friend Proverbs 25:25
The Honored Servant Proverbs 27:18
Fear of Man Destroyed by Trust In God Proverbs 29:25
Total = 64.

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C H Spurgeon's Sermons are notable not merely for their quantity, but also for their quality. Spurgeon's sermons combine keen intellect, scriptural truth, and a passionate love for God. Gems of insight and truth shine from the pages of this book, as penetrating and relevant today as they were a century ago.

Spurgeon wrote his Sermon Notes to aid other preachers whose duties left them pressed for time. They were originally released as four books.

264 sermon outlines, complete with illustrations and commentary;
Based on selected texts from almost every book of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation;
Organized in biblical sequence, for easy reference.

Spurgeon's Sermon Notes is a classic which provides fresh inspiration and understanding for preachers, study group leaders, or any heart that craves a devotional overview of the greatest book of all time penned by one of its greatest students.
Sermons by C H Spurgeon Sermons by C H Spurgeon Sermons by C H Spurgeon

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