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Download or listen online to audio sermons and devotionals by our fine preachers - Evangelist Mike Redick; Pastor Jason Lim; Pastor Ian Toh; Pastor Paul Choo; plus many guest preachers Pastor Les Heinze, Pastor Mike Sproul, Evangelist John R Van Gelderen, Dr Mark Minnick, Pastor Jeff Redlin! All audio messages are in MP3 format.

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Transformers - More Than Meets The Eye - Pastor Jason Lim (Audio)
Be Not Conformed - Pastor Jason Lim 14Oct2012 (Audio)
The Secret To Living Is Dying To Self - Pastor Jason Lim (Audio)
On Fire - Pastor Mike Redick (Audio)
Motivated BY Grace - Pastor Jason Lim (Audio)
The Calling Of The Church - Pastor Chee Keen (Audio)
The Love Of God - Pastor Mike Redick (Audio)
How To Raise The Dead - Pastor Ian Toh (Audio)

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More audio sermons...
Title (Click to sort)  Audio Sermons Topic Scripture Text Preacher Date
To Know To Do Good | DownloadListen Online | Obedience James 4:9:17 FBC 27/03/2011
Holy Spirit Our Guide Into Truth, The | Download | Listen Online | Holy Spirit John 16:12-16 FBC 18/03/2012
Repentance Of David, The | Download | Listen Online | Repentance Psalm 51 FBC 20/05/2012
Model Prayer, The | Download | Listen Online | Prayer Matthew 6:9-15 FBC 22/07/2012
Parable Of The Tares | Download | Parables Matthew 13:24-30 FBC 29/07/2012
Faith-Filled Disciples | Download | Faith Matthew 17:14-21 FBC 05/08/2012
Effectual Fervent Prayer | Download | Prayer James 5:16-18 FBC 08/08/2012
Being Soft Leads To A Hard Life | Download | 2 Chronicles 17 - 20 FBC 12/08/2012
Look At The Saviour, A | Download | Isaiah 9:6-7 FBC 07/10/2012
Being Content Is A Command | Download | Hebrews 13:5-6 FBC 15/01/2003
No Man Can Serve Two Masters | Download | Christian Service Matthew 16 FBC 19/01/2003
When God Came Down | Download | Revival Galatians 4 Mike Redick 23/02/2003
Brevity Of Life, The | Download | 1 Chronicles 29 HBC 05/10/2003
Simple Salvation Message, The | Download | Gospel Genesis 4 HBC 25/03/2004
Glorious Gospel, The | Download | Gospel 2 Corinthians 4:1- HBC 26/03/2004
Be A Good Soldier Of Jesus Christ | Download | Christian Service 2 Timothy 2:3 FBC 27/02/2011
How To Have A Hungry Soul | Download | Proverbs 27:7 FBC 27/02/2011
Treasuring God's Word | Download | Listen Online | Bible Job 23:8-12 MM 04/08/2000
Old And The New Testament, The | Download | Listen Online | Bible MM 05/02/2001
Christian Experience, The | Download | Listen Online | 2 Peter 1:1-3 MM 30/04/2001
Heart Of The Bible, The | Download | Listen Online | Bible Matthew 1:1 MM 23/01/2002
Taking The Spirit's Sword | Download | Ephesians 6 MM 20/03/2003
Untimate Description Of Love, The | Download | Love 1 Corinthians 13 MM 09/12/2003
God's Relationship To Us | Download | MM 21/02/2008
God's Love Demonstrated | Download | Love MM 05/10/2008
Care Cast On Him Who Cares | Download | Comfort MM 05/10/2008
Walking The Way Of The Word | Download | Christian Living MM 06/11/2008
Converting Power Of God's Word | Download | Bible MM 09/12/2008