The word in italics in the texts is one and the same in the Greek.

1. A Subjective Saviour. “Thus it becometh us to fulfil all righteousness” (Mat_3:15).

2. A Suffering Kinsman. “It became Him,” etc. (Heb_2:10).

3. A Holy Priest. “Such an high priest became us” (Heb_7:26).

4. A Woman’s Attitude. “Is it comely (becoming) that a woman?” (1Co_11:13).

5. A Saintly Walk. “As becometh saints” (Eph_5:3).

6. A Corresponding Act. “Which become sound doctrine” (Tit_2:1).

7. An Answering Life. “Which becometh women professing godliness” (1Ti_2:10).