A dissolute young man Proverbs 5:11

I. A dissolute young man with a decaying body. The wise man foresaw the wretched physical condition to which the dissolute life of the young man whom he calls his son would lead.
1. It is a sad sight to see a young man decay at all.
2. It is more sad when the physical decay has been produced by a dissolute life.

II. A dissolute young man with an active memory.
1. He remembers the many privileges he has abused.
2. He remembers the sinful scenes of his life.

III. A dissolute young man with a torturing conscience.
1. An agonising sense of self-blamefulness. Conscience casts all excuses to the winds; it fastens the crime home on the individual himself.
2. An agonising sense of self-ruin. The moral wail here breathes the feeling of destruction. (D. Thomas, D. D.)