Power of Evil Spirits And Power Over Them Mark 5:1-20

Power of evil spirits, and power over them

I. The power of evil spirits.
1. As seen in its extensiveness. Their field is the world.
2. As seen in its effects.
(1) In institutions: paganism; pseudo-Christian forms; governments.
(2) In society: amusements; sentiments; prejudices; practices; vices; crimes; results.

II. Christ’s power over evil spirits.
1. Feared by them-“I adjure Thee by God, torment me not.”
2. Hated of them-“What have we,” etc.
3. Absolute over them-“Come out of him, thou unclean spirit,” etc.
(1) This exercise of Christ’s power over evil spirits a prophecy of their ultimate subjection to Him.
(2) Christ only can deliver us from the power of Satan.
(3) The contrast between Satan’s power and Christ’s is here graphically and historically delineated.
(4) The power of worldliness to dry up human sympathy exemplified in the Gergesenes sending Jesus away from their coasts.
(5) The power of Christ in delivering us from the power of evil involves grateful obligations-“Go home to thy friends,” etc. This is the true method of spreading the gospel. (D. C. Hughes, M. A.)