Joshua’s Farewell Address Joshua 23:1-16

Joshua’s anxiety for the welfare of his people after his death has New Testament parallels. See Act_20:29; 2Pe_1:13-15; and especially Joh_13:1-38; Joh_14:1-31; Joh_15:1-27. As always, he lays stress on what the Lord had done, Jos_23:3; Jos_23:5; Jos_23:9. Not one ray of glory is stolen for himself.

He argues for their steadfastness on three grounds: There are the promises of Jos_23:5; the threatenings of Jos_23:11-13; the exhortations of Jos_23:14-16. Our failure to drive out the foes of our heart is due to our failure to follow the Lord. A lack of whole-hearted surrender lies at the root of all failure. Cleaving to the Lord is the Old Testament way of saying “abide in Christ,” Joh_15:1-27.

In contrast to man’s inconstancy and infidelity, notice the sublime testimony to God’s faithfulness. “Not one thing hath failed,” Jos_23:14. When at last we review our life, we, too, shall be able to say as much, if only by His grace we are kept faithful and obedient. We cannot keep the old Covenant, but the new stands forever, Jer_31:31.