A great teacher and a true learner Proverbs 1:2

I. A great teacher.
1. His history. He was--
(1) The son of a great man. “Solomon the son of David,” saint, hero, poet, king.
(2) The king of a great people. King of Israel: the chosen of God, whose are the fathers.
2. His lessons.
(1) Their form. He spoke in “proverbs.”
3. His design. The true culture of the “simple.”
(1) Mental culture. Making them “to know wisdom,” etc.
(2) Moral culture. Teaching them “justice, and judgment, and equity.”

II. A true learner.
1. He is a wise man. He is wise who does the best thing.
2. He pays attention. “A wise man will hear.”
3. He improves. He increases in “learning.” He attains “unto wise counsels.” He receives docilely into him the words of his master, and he rises in intelligence, and worth, and power. (David Thomas, D.D.)