The Troubler Found And Removed Joshua 7:16-26

Joshua 7:16-26

When God deals with sin He traces its genealogy. Twice over we have the list of Achan’s ancestors, Jos_7:1; Jos_7:18. To deal with sin thoroughly we need to go back to its sources. See Jam_1:14-15.
 How Achan’s heart must have stood still as he beheld the closer approach of detection, like the contracting walls of a chamber of horrors. One by one we pass before the eye of Omniscience, as a ship’s company before the quarantine officer. We cannot hide ourselves behind parents, lineage or religious ancestors. Each must give an account of himself, 2Co_5:10.

 Achan’s family had been privy to his crime. It could hardly have been otherwise, since the goods were buried in the common tent. They were probably grown men and women. The notions of justice were stronger and harsher in that day than with us, who have been taught by Christ. When the evil is put away, the door of hope stands wide, Hos_2:15.