Spared When Others Perished Joshua 6:22-27

It is not the amount of truth that we know which saves us, but the grasp with which we hold it. All that Rahab knew was very slight and partial, but she held to it with all the tenacity of her soul, and it was accounted to her for righteousness, Rom_4:15. Also her works approved her faith. She identified herself with Israel by the scarlet thread, gathered her kinsfolk under her roof, and waited in anticipation of deliverance, Jam_2:25.

 She had yet to be delivered from falsehood and lying, but that God-consciousness which is the first ray of dawn had broken upon her, and would necessarily result in perfect day. Poor outcast though she was, she became incorporated with Israel and the type of Gentile sinners who are permitted to sit with Christ in heavenly places. See Eph_2:17-18.

 The city was devoted to destruction, lest the microbe of corruption should, through Israel, infect the world. See 1Ki_16:34, r.v. But remember Luk_19:1-10.