Rewards of Courage Joshua 15:13-19

Arba was the greatest among the Anakim or giants, Jos_14:15. His three sons were equally formidable, Jos_15:14. But Caleb subdued them through an omnipotent faith, 1Jn_5:4-5. Jesus can give us victory over the Anakim of our hearts; the only condition is faith.

Twice in Scripture we are told this story of Achsah. See Jdg_1:13, etc. With fatherly generosity Caleb gave her the upper and the nether springs. When men are right with God they can distribute living water to others. Let us never rest content with the lower, but aspire to the highest, Joh_3:12, remembering that it is our Father’s good pleasure to give.

Alas for the record of Jos_15:63! Centuries passed till David came and subdued the city, 2Sa_5:6. But there would have been no waiting had Judah gone up in the power of God. See Psa_60:5, etc.