Joshua’s Victories over Israel’s Foes Joshua 10:15-27

The cave of Makkedah was a perpetual reminder of this wonderful victory which God gave His people. The details as to the placing of the princes’ feet on the necks of their foes are related with this precision to indicate the completeness of the conquest. So at the end of this age; see 1Co_15:25. We may therefore appropriate Joshua’s words about the enemies of the Church and ourselves. See Jos_10:25.

Joshua’s career was one of unbroken success, because the Lord went before him, delivering kings and armies, cities and peoples, into his hands. It was a war of utter extermination; but God’s justice had waited long, Gen_15:16, and this was the only way of stamping out the infection. The lesson for us is that no quarter can be given in the inner war. All our thoughts must be brought into captivity, 2Co_10:5.