Joshua’s Obedience to the Lord’s Commands Joshua 11:1-15

The scene is removed to the waters of Merom, near the sources of the Jordan. Hazor was the capital of the region; Jabin, like Pharaoh, was an hereditary title, Jdg_4:2. All the northern nations combined. Joshua’s heart might well have failed, had it not been for the divine promise on the night before the battle, Jos_11:6.

 His attack under cover of night was like the falling of a thunderbolt. The effect was immediate. The huge host dissolved. The hocking of the horses disabled them, so that Israel was not tempted to trust in chariots and horses, Deu_17:16; Isa_31:1. God’s will was literally carried out. But what a noble record is given of this simple-minded soldier! “He left nothing undone,” Jos_11:15. It is only as we literally obey that we can count on such success as his. See 2Ti_4:7.