Ai Again Attacked Joshua 8:1-17

Now that the evil was put away, the people were assured of victory. “I have given,” etc. But the assurance of faith is not inconsistent with the call for action: “Arise, go up.” Though he was thus secure of victory, Joshua adopted such measures as his soldier-training suggested. Notice the place which our preparations should occupy. Not to shut God out, but to make the pathway along which His help may travel.

The restrictions as to the spoil which had been in force and which had led to Achan’s undoing were now removed. God often tests us before allowing us to enjoy. Certain injunctions or prohibitions may be given to prove us; but are removed when our lesson is learned, Deu_8:2.

 Up the long, desolate pass Israel marched. There they could see Achan’s tent, and there the scenes of their recent defeat. Their hearts were chastened. In all humility and faith they marched forward, and they were not ashamed, Joe_2:26.