Provisioned And United For Conquest Joshua 1:10-18

Joshua 1:10-18

It was enough that God had spoken and promised. Nothing more was necessary. Joshua took immediate steps, dictated by sanctified common-sense, to prepare the people for the great step in advance to which God was calling them. We are not to throw away prudent foresight when we go forth on God’s errands. Faith does not supersede precaution and preparation, where these are possible; although she does not rely on them, but on the living God.

When Joshua addressed the two tribes and a half, there was no faltering in his tone. He was absolutely certain that God would fulfill His promise, Joshua 1:15. This inspired the people with similar courage. It was very helpful to have the reassurance of those who were least likely to be enthusiastic, since the campaign must sever them from their families. God often speaks to us through the lips of others. Can we utter Joshua 1:16 to our Lord?

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