Exhortations And Salutations 1 Corinthians 16:13-24

1 Corinthians 16:13-24

The Apostle was careful to cultivate friendship, one of the priceless gifts of God; and he was very generous not only in his references to his friends, but also in his dealings with them. Because Timothy was deficient in virile strength, Paul was always contriving to make his way easier; and though Apollos had drawn away some of his converts, the Apostle was desirous for him to visit Corinth again. Nor could he forget the household which had yielded him the first fruits. His solitude had been greatly cheered by the advent of the Corinthian deputation. Human love is a revelation of the divine; an earthen pitcher which God fills with heavenly treasure; a chalice holding the wine of life.

Notice the flaming forth of Paul’s passionate love for Christ. He felt that any who failed to love Him must be accursed in disposition and soul; and would be accursed at his coming, like the barren tree standing in the midst of an orchard of fruit trees, crowned with blossom or heavy with fruit. Maran atha!-our Lord cometh. He will put right the wrongs of time, and crown His faithful servants with honor and glory. Hallelujah!