Marriage Bonds 1 Corinthians 7:1-14

1 Corinthians 7:14

The Apostle first addresses the unmarried, 1Co_7:1, etc. He speaks elsewhere reverently of marriage, Eph_5:23. Forbidding to marry is in his judgment a symptom of apostasy, 1Ti_4:1-3. His recommendations here were evidently due to the special circumstances of that difficult and perilous time. The loftiest conception of marriage is the wedding of two souls, each of which, has found its affinity; the Apostle is treating here the only conception of marriage entertained by these recent converts from paganism. He deals with them on their own level, with the determination of ultimately leading them to view marriage from Christ’s standpoint. It is often well to fast from lawful things, that we may surrender ourselves more absolutely to the Spirit of God.

In addressing the married, 1Co_7:10, etc., Paul is not dealing with the formation of marriage ties; they are settled by 2Co_6:14. He is deciding what course shall be followed, when either a husband or a wife has become a Christian, the other remaining unchanged. He decides that the Christian should not separate, so long as the unbelieving partner is willing to continue their life together.