Believer’s Attitude

1. Continue in it stedfastly as wholehearted believers in Christ—Act_2:42.

2. Be shaped by it continually as pliable saints—Rom_6:17.

3. Feed upon it personally as dependant disciples—1Ti_4:16.

4. Attend to it regularly as diligent scholars—1Ti_4:13.

5. Take heed to it thoroughly as earnest stewards—1Ti_4:16.

6. Teach it faithfully as consistent doers—1Ti_6:3; Tit_2:7, Tit_2:10.

7. Preach it tenaciously as zealous workers—2Ti_4:2; Tit_2:1.

8. Hold it firmly as convinced witnesses—Tit_1:9; 2Jn_1:10.

9. Abide in it as satisfied servants—2Jn_1:9.