Stewards Responsible To Their Lord 1 Corinthians 4:1-13

1Cor 4:1-13

At the most the ministers or teachers of God’s Gospel are but stewards of the hidden things of God, according to Mat_13:51-52. They ought not to attract attention to themselves or to the way they purvey their Master’s goods. Their prime object is to be faithful to their trust; to make much of the Master and as little as possible of themselves. Paul was not aware that he had violated his Master’s confidence, but he could not be content till he had heard the Master’s verdict on his life-work. Notice the four courts of appeal-my own judgment, your judgment, man’s judgment, and Christ’s. The Master will reverse many human judgments, but all will bear witness to the absolute justice of His verdict.

In vivid words the Apostle shows how great was the difference between the ease and self-satisfaction of the Corinthian church and the sorry plight to which he and his fellow-workers were often reduced. Many regarded them as the captives in a conqueror’s triumphal procession, who behind the triumphal car were being-marched to death. But it mattered little to them so long as Christ was adored, loved, glorified, and His Kingdom advanced.