Following Christ In Pleasing Others Romans 15:1-13

Romans 15:1-13

This chapter is remarkable for its threefold designation of God. The God of patience and comfort, Rom_15:5; the God of hope, Rom_15:13; and the God of peace, Rom_15:33. Our character may be deficient in these things, but His fullness is there for us to draw upon. There is no stint or lack for those to whom He says, “Son, thou art ever with me, and all that I have is thine.”

We must always be on the lookout for the weak, the heavy-laden, and the downcast. Let us help them with their burdens, anxieties, fears, and questionings-imparting to them something of our cheery hope. Never pleasing ourselves; merciful to others; though merciless in the standard and criticism we apply to our own conduct; comforting ourselves with the Word of God, that we may be able to impart these divine consolations to others. Where such conditions are realized, life becomes a dream of heaven actualized in flesh and blood. But we must fulfill the injunctions of Rom_15:9-13, rejoicing in praise and abounding in hope. The outlook on the earth-side may be dark and depressing, but uncurtain your windows toward God-see, the land is light.