Enriched And United In Christ 1 Corinthians 1:1-11

1 Corinthians 1:1-11

It was pleasant to the church at Corinth to realize that one of their own number was associated with the Apostle in his great ministry. Compare 1Co_1:1 with Act_18:17. We have been sanctified in Christ in the purpose of God, but we must make our calling sure by living as saints. Note Paul’s liberality-it was enough for him if men called on Jesus as their Lord. Such he could receive as brothers. There was no strain of narrow sectarianism in his nature.

If we would live a true life, we must draw on Jesus Christ. Our riches are in Him, awaiting our claiming and use. The unsearchable riches of Christ are at our disposal, but we must appropriate and use them. Let us begin to live as God’s heirs. Utterance and knowledge are ours through the Holy Spirit. We have looked into ourselves for them. That is the mistake! We must look up and reach down. God has called us into partnership with His Son. We share His sorrows, sufferings, and labors for a world’s conversion; He bids us share in His grace. The perfecting of 1Co_1:10 is the weaving together of a rent. Paul’s object in this Epistle was the ending of the strife that had divided the Corinthian church.