The commands of the Lord are always imperative. They leave no choice with us, but to choose His choice.

1. “Be Holy.” “Be ye holy in all manner of conversation” (1Pe_1:15-16), and the reasons are, “Because” God is “Holy,” and because He calls us to this devoted life in separation to Him.

2. “Be Perfect.” (2Co_13:11). “Perfect” means to be in joint, to be adjusted, and is used of nets being mended—Mat_4:21, of being “joined together” (1Co_1:10), and of one being restored to what he was before—Gal_6:1.

3. “Be Still” (Psa_46:10). The secret of knowing God is to be still in humbleness before Him, and let every voice but His be hushed.

4. “Be Sober.” “Be sober,” that is, hold oneself in hand, so that others shall not take us unawares—1Pe_5:8.

5. “Be Faithful” (Rev_2:10). When faith and love burn within the temple of our being, faithfulness will characterise the life.

6. “Be Glean.” “Be ye clean that bear the vessels of the Lord” (Isa_52:11). If the heart of the inner life is clean the hand of outward service will correspond.

7. “Be Filled” in the Spirit—Eph_5:18. This is the most essential, for when the Spirit pervades the being, the atmosphere of His presence will be known.