Bands Of Love Hosea 11:4

Hosea 11:4

1. Christ’s Life Illustrates His Love. See how often He is said to be “moved with compassion” (Mat_9:36; Mat_14:14; Mat_15:32; Mat_20:34; Mar_1:41; Mar_5:19; Luk_7:13). His life, like the sun in its shining, was beneficent in its ministry.

2. Christ’s Cross Displays His Love. “He gave Himself up” (Gal_2:20, R.V.; Eph_5:2, Eph_5:25, R.V.). Think of what He gave up, to what and for whom He gave Himself, and the outcome of His giving.

3. Christ’s Grace Confirms His Love. Believers are loved, loosed, and lifted—Rev_1:5, R.V., and nothing can separate from His love. See the seven things that ordinarily can separate in Rom_8:35; and the ten things that would divide in Rom_8:38, Rom_8:39.

4. Christ’s Truth Affirms His Love. The words of truth assure us of the continuity of His love—Joh_13:1, as well as the measure and manner of it—Joh_15:9, Joh_15:12.

5. Christ’s Friends Testify to His Love. His love is particular in its affection—Joh_11:5, sympathetic in its service—Joh_11:35, and confiding in its fellowship—Joh_13:23.

6. Christ’s Spirit Imparts His Love—Rom_5:5; 1Jn_4:16. He leads to the love that saves, imparts the love that sanctifies, and is the secret of the sacrificing love that serves.

7. Christ’s Operation through us Demonstrates His Love—2Co_5:14. The constraining power of His love is the moving force to impel in holy service and lowly sacrifice.