The Miraculous Draught Of Fishes John 21:1-9

John 21:1-9

It would almost seem as if the Apostles thought that the radiant vision of Christ was withdrawn forever; or did they think that they would glorify Him best, and be most likely to encounter Him, if they returned to the paths of ordinary toil? This miracle closely corresponds to that recorded in Luk_5:1-39, and proves that the methods of the risen Lord are not unlike those of His earthly ministry. Still He stands on the shore in the morning haze, to comfort the hearts of discouraged workers, telling them where to cast their net and revealing the certainty of His help. The eyes that love as John loved are the quickest to descry his presence. He thinks not only of our spoils, but of us, and provides for our sustenance and comfort-not bread only, but fish and a fire. Is not this a picture of the believer’s death?-the plunge into the cold stream of dividing water; the welcome on the other shore; the discovery that Christ had expected and prepared; and the feast with the Lord Himself, as He girds Himself to minister.