The King Of Truth John 18:33-40

John 18:33-40

There was a tone of satire in Pilate’s question: “Thou poor, worn, tear-stained outcast, forsaken by every friend in this hour of need-art thou a king?” Human ears have never heard more majestic words than our Lord’s reply. But when He said, My kingdom is not of this world, He did not mean that it had nothing to do with this world, but that it did not originate here. It has descended from heaven, and seeks to bring the inspiration, principles, and methods of heaven into all the provinces of human activity. The one conspicuous proof of its absolutely foreign origin is its refusal to employ force. We do not fight, but sacrifice and suffer, for its maintenance. Our Lord therefore hastened to show that His Kingdom is based on the manifestation of the truth. There is no soul of man which is pure and true that does not recognize Christ’s royalty, as King of Truth, when it hears Him speak.