Love-Impelled Services John 19:38-42

John 19:38-42

In that supreme hour Christ’s secret disciples revealed their true heroism, and carried Him to the garden sepulcher. It had been written that the Messiah would make His grave with the rich, Isa_53:9; that prophecy seemed unlikely of fulfillment until Joseph and Nicodemus stood forth, in the darkest hour, as confessors of their faith and reverence. There are more friends of Christ in the world than we know of. They sit in our legislatures, our councils, and we meet them day by day as we go about our work. Although they give no outward sign of love or loyalty, they are forming secret resolves in their hearts, and the time will come when the fires of their love will burn the bushel that hides it, and they will avow themselves on the Lord’s side. Let us plead with such, however, not to waste these precious years. How much Joseph and Nicodemus missed of Christ’s inner fellowship by this long delay!
It was a royal burial. Love carried the body; sweet spices scented the air; a new-hewn grave received the precious treasure; and angels mounted guard. Remember that wherever the Cross of Jesus is erected, whether in the soul for the daily crucifixion of the flesh, or in the life by self-sacrifice for others, gardens will inevitably bloom.