Jesus Before His Persecutors John 18:19-24

John 18:19-24

Annas was the father-in-law of the high priest. For many years he had worn the high priest’s robes, and though now he had nominally retired from his office, he still kept his hands on the reins. He was the most powerful factor in the high-priestly circles. He was awaiting the return of the expedition in the hall of his palace, and at once began a preliminary inquiry, in the hope of extracting something on which to base his case against our Lord. Jesus penetrated his crafty purpose, and referred Annas to the army of spies who had been always on his track. There was no anger in Jesus’ heart. He desired simply to show how absolutely pure and true His words had been; that though He was exposed to searching scrutiny, yet this secret measure had to be resorted to by Annas to incriminate Him. Jesus did not resist evil, but endeavored to bring His accusers and judges calmly to face their own consciences.