The Work Of The Spirit John 16:1-11

John 16:1-11

We gain by our losses. It was expedient for the disciples that the Lord should go, because the Spirit’s presence was contingent upon His absence. The text needed to be completed before the great sermon could be preached. Christ’s work must be finished before the Spirit could apply it. Every phase of human experience centers in Him whom the Holy Spirit reveals. Whether it be conviction of sin, or faith, or hope, all begin and end with Jesus. The chief sin of the present age is its rejection of Christ, and it is for this that men are condemned. The assertions of Jesus as to Himself are vindicated, and His righteousness is established. His divine mission was proved by His resurrection and ascension. The Cross was the scene of Satan’s judgment. There the prince of this world was condemned and cast out. His power is broken, though he still does his utmost to intimidate and hinder the followers of Jesus.

The world comes to us first with her fascinations and delights. She comes next with her frowns and tortures. Behind her is her prince. He, however, exists only by sufferance. Meet him as a discredited foe. He has been judged and condemned. For the Church there awaits victory and freedom; for the world, the flesh, and the devil, hopeless defeat-the bottomless pit and the lake of fire. See Jud_1:7-8.