The Sign And Seal Of Discipleship John 13:31-38

John 13:31-38

It was a relief when the traitor was gone. The Lord could now speak freely of His love and of His approaching glory, expatiating on the shining tablelands, but not as yet revealing even to Peter the dark ravine which separated Him from them, and the shadows which He was already entering. Peter was most anxious to be with Jesus wherever He was. Life without Jesus seemed impossible.

Peter relied upon his strong resolution to keep him faithful to his Master, but found it unavailing, as we have ourselves experienced many a time. Do not vaunt in self-confidence what you will or will not do, but seek strength from the living Lord. How little we know ourselves! Yet the time would come when this ardent spirit would be able to fulfill its vow through the Spirit of Pentecost, Joh_21:18; 2Pe_1:14.

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