In The World But Not Of The World John 17:11-17

John 17:11-17

What is the world? The inspired definition is given in 1Jn_2:16. Enumerating her three offsprings, the Apostle goes on to say, “All that is in the world… is not of the Father,” that is, does not originate or proceed from Him. We might reverse the proposition and say, “All that does not emanate from the Father, and which is inconsistent with perfect love and purity and truth, is of the world.”

The spirit of the world permeates society. All its plans, aims, and activities belong to the present passing show. “Under the sun” is the suggestion of Ecclesiastes. The world has always been in collision with Christ, because His teaching reverses everything that the world prizes. In its beatitudes, its methods of pleasure and acquisition, its view and use of power, and its attitude toward God, the difference is wide as the poles. But its hatred is welcome to the followers of Christ, as proving that they are on the Master’s track, and in His fellowship they are abundantly compensated.