Christ's Gift Of Peace John 14:25-31

John 14:25-31

Our Lord gives the fourfold basis of His peace: (1) The vision of the Father. Throughout these wonderful chapters He seems able to speak of nothing else. If we lived in the thought and consciousness of God, our peace also would be as a river. Let us wrap that thought around us, as a man his overcoat on a stormy day. (2) Disentanglement from the world. We must stand clear of the ambitions of the world, of its fear and favor, of its craving for wealth and fear of poverty. The world must have no charms for us. (3) A constraining love, as in Joh_14:31. (4) Obedience to God’s supreme authority. When we put the government on His shoulder, He sets up the inward reign as Prince of Peace.

What a contrast to the world’s peace, which consists in the absence of untoward circumstances and the possession of material goods! Where the Holy Spirit is, there the peace of God rests. The world may be in arms, death may be imminent, and the prince of this world intent to injure; but the heart which reposes on the will of God is free from alarm and fear. The peace He leaves is that of forgiveness; the peace He bequeaths, that of His own indwelling. “Arise, let us go hence!”