Victory Over Death John 11:36-44

John 11:36-44

1. The Lord had been praying about this matter before He came to the grave: “Father, I thank thee that thou hast heard me.”Notice that past tense. Perhaps He had done so when He first received the news of Lazarus’ sickness. He had prayed and had received the assurance that His prayer was answered. When He started back across the Jordan, it was with the full assurance that Lazarus would be raised to life.

2. He was conscious, also, of a life of unceasing prayer. There was unbroken and constant co-operation between Him and the Father. He always did the things that pleased God and God was always answering Him. This, also, might be our constant experience.

3. Christ made this prayer that those who stood around, as they saw the effect of prayer, should understand that prayer alone can work great miracles, which become the credentials of Christ, and of all who love and obey Him. His people similarity can do great miracles, as missionaries, Christian workers, and philanthropists.

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