The Tribute Of The Multitude John 12:12-19

John 12:12-19

This multitude of enthusiastic lovers of Christ were principally from Galilee. They had already reached the city, but hearing of His approach they went forth to meet and accompany Him. They were proud to own Him as their prophet, and were profoundly touched by the wonderful miracles He had wrought among them. It was a foretaste and glimpse of that yet gladder outburst when He shall be recognized as the King of men. The lowliness of Jesus’ estate should have allayed the suspicion and hatred of His foes. What had they to fear from such a King! But the gladness of His followers maddened His adversaries, who saw with unconcealed vexation the spontaneous loyalty given by the crowds to Jesus, as contrasted with the strained obedience which, was yielded to their prescriptions and exactions. Another element in the crowd was contributed by those who had witnessed the raising of Lazarus.

Religious jealousy is deplorable. It leads to murder, if not by the Cross, yet by the lips. It embitters the heart, separates and divides those who ought to love, and hinders the coming of the Kingdom. The cure of hatred and jealousy is the admission of Christ to the heart-citadel as king.