The Pure In Heart Matthew 5:8

Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God. - Matthew 5:8

If there be in the bright constellation of the Beatitudes one particular star, it is this text. If in blessedness there be a crown of blessedness, it is here. If there be a character that in its very quintessence is spiritual, it is this. And if there be a delight above all conceivable delights, it is that which is promised in these well-known words. So lofty a verse is this, that it is one of the texts which the preacher trembles to take, and yet is continually impelled to take, that at least he may teach himself if he cannot teach other people, and that preacher and congregation together may do a little towards climbing up to summits which seem like the far-off Alpine heights.

Oh, snow so pure, Oh, peak so high,
I shall not reach you till I die.

Yet lofty and remote as they seem, these words are in truth among the most hopeful and radiant that ever came even from Christ's lips. For they offer the realization of an apparently impossible character. They promise the possession of an apparently impossible vision. They soothe fears, and tell us that the sight from which, were it possible, we should sometimes shrink, is the source of our purest gladness.

to be continued