Others Grafted In By Faith Romans 11:13-24

Romans 11:13-24

Paul never abandoned the hope that ultimately Israel would come back to God in Christ. He believed that God’s promises pointed in that direction, and that, though centuries might pass, those sure guarantees would be abundantly fulfilled. Notice his expressions: how much more their fullness, Rom_11:12; what shall the receiving of them be, but from the dead? Rom_11:15; God is able to graft them in again, Rom_11:23; all Israel shall be saved, Rom_11:26; that He might have mercy upon all, Rom_11:32. He realized, however, that Israel must temporarily make way for the ingathering of the Church, in which there is neither Jew nor Greek; and that when the Church has been formed and gathered to its Lord, then the time for the ingathering of the Jewish people will have arrived.
Let us see to it that we Gentiles understand our position as being permitted to partake of the root and fatness of the olive tree, Rom_11:17. Christ was the root of that tree, and it is from His rich nature that all the freshness and fatness, all the quickening and energy, all the love and grace of the Hebrew Scriptures and heritage of promises were gained. Whatever Israel had, we may have. Let us go up and possess the land!

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