Missing God's Way Of Salvation Romans 10:1-10

Romans 10:1-10

How earnestly the Apostle loved his own people! All their hatred of him could not extinguish the passionate devotion which he entertained for them. “Apostle to the Gentiles” he might be, but he was essentially an Israelite, of the seed of Abraham, of the tribe of Benjamin, Rom_11:1. The whole reason of their rejection of the gospel lay in their inveterate refusal to submit, Rom_10:3. Is not that the difficulty with us all? It is not that we cannot believe, but that we will not submit to God’s way of righteousness, so humbling is it to our pride.

If only God would allow us to scale the heights or plumb the depths, to do some great thing, to make some vast sacrifice, we should be satisfied to be saved, and His help in the process would not be resented. But it is intolerable to our proud hearts to be told that our own efforts are useless, and that the exclusive source of salvation is God’s grace.

Notice the distinction between righteousness and salvation, Rom_10:9. The one is objective; the other subjective. The first, our standing before God, the latter, the sanctification of our inner life, which not only depends upon the belief of the heart, but requires the confession that Jesus Christ has become Lord and King of the whole nature.