Belief May Become Impossible John 12:30-41

John 12:30-41

The question of the Greeks led our Lord’s thoughts to His death. He saw, too, the baptism of suffering through which His followers must pass. From all this that troubled Him, He fled to the Father, asking only that all should converge to His glory. That request was immediately answered in the affirmative. Thus He was led to give this amazing interpretation of the events which were taking place, as viewed from the standpoint of heaven. The age, not He, was being judged. It was standing before Him for its verdict, not He before it. Caiaphas, Pilate, and the rulers of the age were passing before His judgment seat and being judged as worthless. The prince of the age, Satan, not Christ, was being cast out, though the sentence might take long before fully realized. Little as they recognized it, the day of the Cross was the crisis of the history of earth and hell, of men and demons. Then was settled the question of supremacy between darkness and light, between hate and love, between death and life. Lifted up recalls Joh_3:14. The Cross is the divine magnet, and our attitude with regard to it shows what we are. Learn from Joh_12:35-36 the order of transfiguration into the sonship of light: believe in the light, walk in the light, and you will become sons of light.