The Works Of The Father John 10:31-42

John 10:31-42

In the strongest terms known to the Jews, our Lord insisted on His oneness with God; and they understood His claims, threatening Him with the penalty of blasphemy. This quotation from Psa_82:6 was originally addressed to magistrates, and our Lord argued that if unjust judges were described by this phrase, because they exercised the divine prerogative of judgment, surely His opponents had no right to stone Him, when, as the Sent of God and sanctioned by God’s witness in His works, He spoke of Himself as the Father’s equal and fellow. See Zec_13:7; and Php_2:6. But their vindictive hate would brook no parley; and as His hour was not yet come, Jesus deemed it better to go beyond Jordan into hiding, until the minute-hand should reach the exact figure on the dial.

There was a special reason why He was attracted to the region beyond Jordan. It was the place of John’s early appearance. That ground had been black with crowds, those waters had witnessed countless baptisms. All that wonderful past trooped back to memory, and the people remembered John’s word as they saw in Christ their precise fulfillment. We may work no miracle, but let us speak true words about Jesus Christ.