The Testimony Of Personal Experience John 9:13-25

John 9:13-25

The jealous Pharisees now set themselves to discredit the miracle and to throw suspicion upon the witness. But their hostility, prompted by jealousy and vindictiveness, forced the healed man to realize the moral majesty of Jesus. His eyes became opened to the true values of things, as well as to the world of nature. In a day he had grown far away from the parents, who were simple people, unaccustomed to the glare of publicity, and very much afraid of these religious magnates.

It is marvelous to note this man proving himself more than a match for his opponents, and answering them with a simplicity and a majesty that confounded them. Mat_10:19. He needed, however, a touch that no human wisdom could impart, and this was given by Christ, who always seeks those whom man casts out and those who dare to live up to the truth they know. Notice the steps: He is a prophet; He is not a sinner; He is from God; he worshiped Him. None come in contact with Christ without being blinded or enlightened. Our guilt is proportioned to our refusal of the light.