Our Assurance Of Safe Keeping John 10:19-30

John 10:19-30

Our Lord did not shrink from the avowal of His divine origin and glory, when there was need or when they were challenged. See Joh_4:26; Mat_26:64. For the most part, however, He wished men to exercise their own faculties of discernment and to accept Him, not because He told them what He was, but because they were inwardly convinced.

In Joh_10:27 we have three characteristics of His sheep-to hear, to be recognized by Him, and to follow; and in Joh_10:28 there are also three privileges which they enjoy-to possess eternal life, never to perish, never to be snatched away by man or devil.

Note the safety of those who really belong to Christ. They are not only in His hand, but in the Father’s, because the Father and He are one. “Your life is hid with Christ in God.” Here is a double protection. They may wander far, lose joy and comfort, fall on dark and stormy times, but He is responsible for them, will seek them out, and bring them home. This also is true-that our relationship with Jesus involves our relationship with the Father. But if any should presume to live carelessly because of this divine grace, it is clear that such a one is not one of Christ’s sheep.