Jesus Faces Death For His Friend John 11:1-16

John 11:1-16

Sickness enters homes even where God is honored and loved. It is permitted because it affords an opportunity and platform for His delivering help. We should see to it that the Son of God is glorified in our physical weakness, either because of our patience and fortitude, which are ministered by His Spirit, or by the deliverances which He grants. See 2Co_12:1-9.

 There is a special emphasis on therefore in Joh_11:6. Christ lingered because He loved. He allowed the worse to go to the worst, that the sisters (and the world through them) might receive a testimony to His saving power, which could be obtained at no less cost than their brother’s death, Joh_11:9. As long as the heart is bathed in the light of God’s presence and is conscious of living on His plan, it cannot be mistaken in its decisions and it will not stumble. Our Lord knew that He must go to Bethany, and that He would be safe, because the hour of night had not arrived.

Since Jesus came to us, death has become a mere shadow of its former self and is to be dreaded no more than sleep. Had the Lord been beside His dying friend, He could not have forborne the entreaty of the sisters, but now there was room for a faith-compelling miracle on His part.