Attitudes Of The Believer

There are some terms which relate to the Christian life which are of pressing importance, because of the issues which are involved in relation to them. The following seven words indicate a few aspects of the Christian’s life, namely, “Believe,” “Pray,” “Abide,” “Walk,” “Take,” “Stand,” “Watch.”

1. To Believe on Christ is the secret of the Christian life—Gal_2:20,

2. To Pray to Christ is the stay of the Christian life-Php_4:6.

3. To Abide in Christ is the strength of the Christian life—Joh_15:4.

4. To Walk as Christ is the shining out of the Christian life—1Jn_2:6-9; 1Pe_2:21.

5. To Take from Christ is the supply of the Christian life—Isa_27:5.

6. To Stand with Christ is the staple of the Christian life—Eph_6:14.

7. To Watch for Christ is the standing order of the Christian life—Mar_13:33. The term watchfulness is a comprehensive one. It signifies far more than merely holding the truth of the Lord’s Coming. It covers the whole trend of the spiritual life in the variety of its traits.