The Food Of Eternal Life John 6:41-51

John 6:41-51

That phrase, the last day, was constantly on the Master’s lips, Joh_6:39-40; Joh_6:44; Joh_6:54; Joh_12:48. It is an indefinite expression for those final scenes in which the history of our race is to be consummated through resurrection and judgment. Jesus lays great emphasis on His resurrection as completing His work for those who come to Him. It is not enough to impart eternal life. That would bless the spirit, but leave the body untouched. And He cannot rest until the whole of our complex nature shares in the emancipation and fullness of His salvation. A transfigured manhood and a glorified body must be the crown of His service to His own. By His mighty power, He will raise them up in the likeness of His glory, that they may share His royal and exalted state. Nothing less will satisfy Him, or undo the ruin that sin has introduced. Let us feed on Christ, by meditation on His words, and by communion with Himself, of which the sacred Feast of the Lord’s Table is a perpetual reminder. Notice that every soul which is taught of God will recognize Christ, Joh_6:45!