How To Know The Truth Of Jesus' Word John 7:14-24

John 7:14-24

Jesus now went up to the feast, not because he was prompted by the worldly policy suggested by His brethren, but because He was led by His Father’s will. We must be on our guard against unspiritual advisers, and must wait till the hour and the minute-hands of the clock have reached the precise moment of the Father’s appointment.

Here is an easy method of ascertaining whether our Lord’s words about God, Himself, and the future are merely the words of a human teacher, or are really God’s. Be willing to do as He says! Stand prepared to fulfill whatever is revealed to your mind and witnessed to by the inner voice! Live with your face toward the dawn, for though it tarry long it will certainly break. See Joh_3:21. Faith in the gospel does not come by logic, but as the result of obeying the highest truth that you know. Follow on and your path will lead you out to where Jesus stands, the revealed Son of God and the Savior of men. The old quarrel as to the miracle wrought at Bethesda on the Sabbath was still alive, Joh_7:22-23. His critics did not hold that the Mosaic law was violated if a child’s submission to the Jewish initiatory rite was performed on the Sabbath. How foolish, then, to blame Jesus for an act of mercy and healing!