At - In Time To Come

The objective of Christ’s Coming is often found associated with the Greek preposition “en,” which denotes a fixed position, as being in a place, state, or time.

1. “At His Coming,” those who are “Christ’s” will be claimed by Him—1Co_15:23.

2. “At the Last Trump, “those who are the Lord’s will be “changed in the twinkling of an eye” (1Co_15:52).

3. “At His Appearing,” Christ will reward those who have endured trial with “praise, honour, and glory” (1Pe_1:7).

4. “At His Coming,” we may be “ashamed before Him” if we are not found abiding in Christ—1Jn_2:28.

5. “At the Revelation” (1Pe_1:13) of Christ we shall have a fresh revelation of God’s grace.

6. “At that Day” of His appearing, Christ will give those who have loved His approach a crown of righteousness—2Ti_4:8.

7. “At Hand” is the time when the predictions of the Revelation will be fulfilled—Rev_1:3; Rev_22:10.

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